ninotschka, loves working with her camera, with paper goods and collage, but also with wood and textiles. mixing handmade "real" stuff with digital art and graphics. 

 vita   //  about ninotschka

nina jahn         aka.

*1984 in frankfurt/main

studies //
2006 - 2007
interieur design, fh mainz, germany

2008 till now
art for education and romance philology, goethe university frankfurt, germany 

2009 - 2010
art and literature, uba buenos aires, argentina

exibitions //
interactive installation, mainturm flörsheim, germany

part kunstschau, peng mainz, germany

der greif "a process", photographic group exibition, augsburg, germany

visuals // 
_ 50 years club voltaire, frankfurt, germany
_ aussenwelt: reincarnation, frankfurt germany
_ part vernissage  - mainz, germany
_ part finissage - mainz germany
_ aussenwelt: wolllust - frankfurt, germany
_ a|b|c - frankfurt, germany

work //
instagram takeover for travelbird
instagram takeover for buchmesse frankfurt

pinterest contributer for #jj community








was founded in 2012 by myself as a playground for my creativity - as a tent for my mind circus.

the name "ninotschka" is my grandmothers nickname for me since i was a child. 

when i'm creating things i always do it with passion and almost every kind of work has a personal touch or even a nostalgic flavor - even if its a very small one.  i also do love working with other creative people, sharing ideas and get inspired by each other. thats why you can find projects of "me myself and i" as well as  cooperative teamwork with other creative artists and designers. 

i'm in love with minimal aestetics and the beauty of living and giving and besides of my blog i'm a pinterst power pinner and a instagram nerd. you see, photography or let me say good images are my passion. to share them and inspire others with it makes me happy. i'm open for your project ideas and cooperation (just ask for my mediakit when interested).

lets inspire the world together. 


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